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Hey! We’re Emma and Carla, the Merrymaker Sisters! We’re here to help you discover a way of living that will make you feel and look your best.

A life that isn’t controlled by what you can and can’t eat. A less stressed life where you feel energised and inspired every day!

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Free Healthy Recipes

All of our recipes are quick and delish with simple instructions to get you feeling your best! We leave out the gluten, refined sugar, most dairy and grains… it’s just real food full of good stuff!

Meet The Merrymaker Sisters

We are Emma and Carla Papas, health and happiness advocates, passionate entrepreneurs and health coaches, on a mission to merrymake over the world.

We help over 1.5 million people every year live healthier, happier lives through our books, podcast, real food recipes, articles and speaking engagements.

We choose to add more fun to every day to create a less stressed life.

Currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia, if we’re not at our laptops you’ll spot us at yoga/pilates, walking on the beach or at our local cafe drinking chai and eating raw cake.




Get Merry: A VERY Healthy Cookbook

Our brand new book is now available for pre-order!

It’s filled with 95 new (not published on our website) quick and easy recipes! They’re just full of good stuff, there’s no gluten, refined sugar, dairy or grains!

Get Merry will help you live a less stressed life, a life where you feel energised and AMAZING. A life where the journey of health and happiness is easy and fun.

Get our BEST recipes yet and start living merry!

“Their incessant energy and authentic charm is helping women worldwide to find more joy in their lives, and create healthier habits with tons of amazing recipes!”Kimberly Rich, The Bold Life Movement

Get Inspired to Live Your Best Life

Hear from the world’s most amazing people on the #MerryBiz Podcast and learn what it takes to create an epic business and life! Some of the most popular episodes feature FrankBod, Mark Sisson, Dan Norris and Gala Darling! Along the way we’ll share our personal journey of building a business, starting from zero.


Meal Plans to Get You Healthy and Organised!

With no plan you can feel confused and overwhelmed. Your goals seem impossible
and you have no idea where to start or what your next step is.

There’s an information overload and a new trending diet every
other day, when all you want is to find a simple, sustainable and fun lifestyle.

Join Merrymaker Club today and take the stress out of eating.


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Regular doses of positive mindset advice full of inspiration and clear action steps to help you create your best life possible. We believe it doesn’t take much to make a change… it all starts with a teeny weeny step.


“These girls are like a glitter bomb thrown in your face… but an awesome one. Love them.”

Carly, Smaggle


“I love how the girls are so passionate about positivity, and their drive to help others find their bliss.”

Stacey, Veggiemama


“With an immeasurable zest for life it’s little wonder the Merrymakers are smashing every goal they set.”

Emily, More Gold Coast

Latest Recipes

Hundreds of quick and easy recipes to make your healthy lifestyle fun and stress free! Here are the latest from the Merrymaker kitchen! Totally droolworthy.

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