paleo de-snicker-licious cake

It's no lie that we love cake. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, whenever we feel like it really. And don't...
paleo chicken burritos2

We've been talking about making paleo burrito wraps for SO long! Seriously... forever, so it's about time we made these babies! These paleo chicken burritos...
green brekky bowl

Do you know why this green brekky bowl recipe rocks our worlds? Coz it's the easiest way to pack extra greens in to our day! Plus you...


what is pegan

Heard the word pegan lately? Seen it pop up on Facebook? We know we have! Or maybe you eat pegan? So what is pegan? It's pretty simple really......
the merrymaker sisters_podcast

Podcast interviews are the perfect way to spread our merrymaker messages and reach new people all over world. They're also super fun because we...
the merrymaker sisters

We had a sudden urge to add to the negativity that surrounds paleo in the media. 1: You will gain too much energy You're going to have a...
how to make cleaning fun

Hands up who LOVES to clean? Hmm... yeah, we thought as much! A few weeks back you guys would have found out all about why/how...
truths of social media addict

This post is sponsored by Optus. It's true, we admit it. We're complete social media addicts. We try really hard to create more balance in our lives (as in,...
ask us anything

Spend an evening with us as we answer your questions LIVE! This Tuesday 21 July, 8.00pm - 9.00pm AEST. ASK. US. ANYTHING! Healthy eating, living and...
digital tools

This post is sponsored by Optus. As bloggers and social media lovers we are kind of (definitely) always connected to technology*. We embrace it! We...
giveaway winners

Holey moley guacamole! During the last two weeks we received over 300 entries in to our Make It Merry book launch giveaway! Seriously... all...
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find your bliss
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The secret... is to just begin. Take one small step. ✨🌟✨#blissfollower
Another recipe to add to the #saltedcaramel list! This is our delish smoothie that is oh so caramelly and salty yum!

Recipes features in our brand new book Make It Merry and on the site! 
Visit or click the link in our profile! 
Thanks to @revamprescue for sharing with #themerrymakersisters
Merry chai time. #themerrymakersisters #visitcanberra
This is a #paleo SNICKERS CAKE!  Caps lock becoz we're so freaking exited! 
Get this very merry recipe at the link in our profile! 
Thanks to @wholesomehayley for this epic delishness! 😍
New rule. #blissfollower 
RG: @theyallhateus
'Goodbye boredom (and sugar!)... the mind flip that sent the Merrymaker Sisters to a happier place' 
That's a fun headline to wake up to! Oh and happy '1 year of leaving our government jobs to follow our bliss full time' to us! 🍰🍰🍰 Thanks #canberracitynews - you can check out the story online if you're not local!
Hello delicious breakfast! Bacon and avo crepes yeh yeh yeh! 
Recipe features on our website and in our hard copy book! Link in profile for all the deets! 😘 Thanks to @frankleehealthy for sharing this drool worthy pic!
We like to make things happen too. #blissfollower #youvegotthis πŸ’˜βœ¨πŸŒŸ
Sending off more Merry this week! 
Thanks to all the amazing people for buying a copy of Make It Merry and sharing your beautiful (and oh so pink) pictures! πŸ’–πŸ’– More info at the link in our profile! 
Thanks to the AH-mazing @sarahschembri_ceramics for this merry snap. Sarah's pretty plates and bowls feature in lots of our pics!
We may have found the best chai in #Canberra. However, we would love your recommendations. Coconut/nut milk is a requirement. 
@barriocc - nice job! #visitcanberra #merrymakerapproved