BEST Paleo Banana Bread

That's right... we're claiming that this is the BEST Paleo Banana Bread EVER... well, that we've tasted anyway! Yay! Yum! We think you're going...
Healthy Easy Sprouted Bread Recipe

We have been seriously digging sprouted bread. We've made this loaf again and again, trying to get the recipe PERFECT for you guys! And...

Yes you read it right. We made a Paleo Waffle Cake and it's all kinds of drool worthy, crazy, amazing, delicious! In fact, this was the...


paleo approved grains

Paleo approved grains?! Seriously the whole business of eating healthy and leading a mostly paleo lifestyle can get a little (or a lot) #confusing. Advice,...
the merrymaker sisters3

If you've been merrymaking with us for a while now you'll know that we love to work with brands... AMAZING brands! Brands that have merrymaker...
No Sweetener Chocolate Raspberry Brownies2

When we look back to our early food photos we're like what the bleep is that merrymakers?! Like seriously... is it food? Or is...
Make It Merry_selfie

When your work and passion are the same thing, you meet some pretty amazing people along the way! People you look up to and admire....
make it merry_video

This is us being pretty silly and excited on film... we really are ridiculously excited to bring you our brand new book: Make It...
make it merry

We can hardly contain our excitement... are you sitting down? Are you ready? Make It Merry: A Healthy Cookbook (our FIRST EVER hard copy book)...
sardi cafe melbourne

Oh! The perils of picking a restaurant, looking at a menu, asking the waiter what kind of oil they cook with, carefully selecting your...
bed flow yoga

This is a guest blog post from Danielle, our yogi! We hope you enjoy it! The time is NOW to get your flow on!...
Oxygen Feature_The Merrymaker Sisters

Super excited to be featured in Oxygen Magazine July 2015. A six page feature, question and answer as well as 5 of our original...
why we should activate nuts

To be 100% completely honest with you all... activating nuts and seeds is a complete pain in the butt! All the soaking and drying gets pretty annoying...

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE! We know we say this all the time... we're SO EXCITED! Our first hard copy recipe book is now on sale! 'Make It...
happiness & its causes

Last week we went to the Happiness & Its Causes Conference as the official bloggers! What an amazing couple of days. We're all for conferences:...
why is everyone using filtered water

3 years ago when someone told us we should be drinking filtered water we thought they were being a little (ok.. a lot) OTT paranoid....
chemical filled cleaning_our eco home

We choose not to eat certain foods because of chemicals and nasties. We choose not to drink certain drinks because of chemicals and sugar....


make it merry_side bar 2

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Hello Make it Merry in the @canberratimes today! Thanks to all you totally amazing people who have already purchased a copy of our new hard copy book, means the world! 
You'll notice we have a new Chai tea with coconut milk obsession PLUS we have created the most epic of all #lowfructose sweet treats in the entire world (probably). It tastes like vanilla goodness, reminds us of a twix bar maybe, sort of like a caramel slice, maybe an LCM bar with chocolate, maybe even a picnic bar... we don't understand but it's amazing and kinda like clouds or heaven in our mouths. We don't know. It's epic. We CAN NOT WAIT to share this recipe with you all! 
Make sure you're signed up to merrymaker mail so you don't miss this recipe! Head on over to or click the link in our profile!
The time is now to love your life... to #followyourbliss 
Breakfast for tomorrow is SORTED! This is our choc protein porridge! 
You can get this brand new recipe in our new book: Make It Merry! Over 70 nutritious, quick and easy recipes to make you FEEL and LOOK your best! 
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We used @180nutrition for this recipe as it's completely clean and tasty!
Things are getting merry on @periscope_tv! It's so much fun! 
We are going to start cooking recipes LIVE, talking all things health, happiness and bliss following. And to be honest... probably a lot of random cray cray fun! Follow us and say hi! Yay! 💖💖💖
#sweetenerfree good fat cake! We make this baby with @primalcollectiveau #ghee, coconut, walnuts and cacao! 
YUMBALLS is the understatement of the year! 
Find this recipe in our brand new book: Make It Merry! Over 70 nutritious, quick and easy recipes to make you FEEL and LOOK your best! 
Download or order your HARDCOPY today! Click the link in our profile or visit!

PLUS buy it over the next 10 days and go into the draw to win 1 of 46 epic prizes! #giveaway
We so super pumped for the @paleocafe to open in our hometown #Canberra!

The grand opening is happening this Thursday 2 July and we will be in store from 8am! Enjoying all the deliciousness and hanging out!

So come and say hey! #visitcanberra #paleocafe #restaurantaustralia #yum #yay
The time is now for delicious goodness!

@claire_vc snapped this epic bowl moment of porridge-ness! 💚💚💚 1 of the 46 prizes up for grabs in our epic #giveaway is a @powersuperfoods pantry pack! Perfect for creating brekky bowls just like this!

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NOW is the time... to be happy, to make merry and spread your sparkle. You've got the magic and the world is waiting. #followyourbliss
3 years ago when someone told us we should be drinking filtered water we thought they were being a little (ok.. a lot) OTT paranoid. 
How could our water not be ok to drink? 
We’ve known (and always promoted) that our bodies require water to function properly. Water makes up 70 or so % of us… makes sense, right?! But it’s taken us 3 years since changing our way of living and eating for us to properly look in to filtered water. With the help of @Lgw_social  we’ve been learning a heap more about the quality of water we drink. 
Learn more at the link in our profile or
Brainstorming new recipes for you  this morning. 
FACT: you can't have a brainstorm without amazing @realchaitea, merrymaker 'not sure what to call it' slice and ridiculously cute note pads! 💖 #bliss

P.s @stylecuratorau how do you like our #flatlay board?!