Paleo Cauli Rice Recipes.

Paleo Garlic and Ginger Cauli Rice

Paleo Cauli Rice is seriously the best. Thing. Ever!

Click here for our Paleo Coconut Cauli-Rice here’s our Paleo Garlic and Ginger Cauli-Rice and here is our Paleo Fried Cauli Rice Recipe!

The paleo lifestyle says no to any grain. So this means no rice. This can be a tough one because a lot of gluten free / ‘health’ foods use rice as their main substitute ingredient. 

Things like rice flour, rice flakes, rice cakes and rice crackers (the list goes on) fill the shelves of the health food aisle at woolies and coles.

When we make meals like curry or our sweet n sour prawns, serving them with greens alone doesn’t cut it. We grew up with these foods served with a side of rice, so it was a must to find an alternative!

Welcome to the world of cauliflower rice— cauli rice for short (to the people not familiar with the paleo lifestyle: stop screwing your face up at the thought, this is a must try!) A simple way of creating a rice-like dish that most definitely satisfies those taste buds. The biggest positive about this miracle food is that (obviously) cauliflower is a vegetable, so no refined carbs AND it’s possible to eat a whole cauliflower (note: this is possible—proven from experience).

Paleo cauli rice doesn’t take long to make (especially if you have a food processor) and there are lots of ways to enjoy it. To keep you all satisfied we have put together not one, but THREE different recipes for a cauli-rice to suit whatever meal it might be side-ing. 

Remember here’s the recipes…

Paleo Coconut Cauli-Rice

Paleo Garlic and Ginger Cauli-Rice a

Paleo Fried Cauli Rice Recipe!

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  1. This is the only way I like eating cauliflower! I was so surprised when I first tried cauli rice how nice it was, so easy to make too. Definitely a winner! :)

  2. Hi there, it says to serve immediately but can you store it in the fridge? And if so how long roughly does it last? Thanks heaps :)

    • Hi Caris, cauli-rice is a great side dish for meal prep. We prep enough to last us about fours days, just make sure you store it in air tight containers. Mmmm delish hot and cold!

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